About KREA

Accounting, Bookkeeping, in Aotearoa

We are a husband and wife team at KREA Group. We have been in the business for over 20 years and have a passion for our profession. Our goal is to provide a service that is very affordable and we look forward to working with you to understand your Accounting, Bookkeeping, in Aotearoa. 

We are a small Accounting, Bookkeeping, in Aotearoa. We have been serving since 2015 and have grown to be one of the leading bookkeepers in the New Zealand.

We offer a full service for bookkeeping that has a full time bookkeeper available 24 / 7. Our goal is to make your business run smoothly. It is in the bookkeeping that all the magic happens. If the processing of the day to day transactions are processed efficiently and correctly, your end of year tax compliance should be seamless.

It’s the reason why the honeycomb matrix forms part of KREA logo being our Accounting, Bookkeeping New Zealand brand. Bees are some of the hardest working creatures in the world. They produce and use honey to build their hives, raise their children and flourish. They consume 8 ounces of honey to produce 1 ounce of wax, which they then use to make the honeycomb. The shape and size is perfectly designed to maximise their efforts. It’s a ton of work and very precious to the bees. That’s how we see a business and community of businesses, working together, for hard earned resources, and building on the right matrix that maximises their efforts, in our case financial systems, mentoring and coaching.

It’s our resilience through tough times that separates us from the rest. KREA Group Limited is your trusted  Accounting, Bookkeeping New Zealand. We have a team of highly qualified bookkeepers who provide a thorough, reliable, and trustworthy service.That means that we are always on time, reliable, and timely

Our Process

How we make your business operate smarter! These are the steps to heading in the right direction.

Meet the team

Leah Donaldson

Kia Ora, I'm Leah, a champion wife, proud mum and passionate business woman. My strengths are, relational, connectedness, responsibility, beliefs and restoration.

As an Artist turned Accountant, many people struggle to think that I could be taken seriously in the financial industry. My unique selling point is that you will never find the most innovative accountant, driven opportunist, passionate business woman, who is committed in Building Stronger Businesses Together. I LOVE thinking outside the box and challenging the status quo. I have taken my adversity and turned it into opportunity. With 20+ years as an entrepreneur, life has given me a tool kit of experience and knowledge within many industries: Banking, Customer service, Lending, Foreign currency, Export, Imports, Retail, Manufacturing, Marketing, Building & Construction, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Management Accounting, Not for Profit, Creative Sector and our Kohanga Reo.My calling is to empower businesses owners to change their world, one good decision at a time. 

Scott Donaldson

I love being around business and I enjoy working with owners, finding out what drives them and getting a feel for their vision. This helps me understand what products, services and strategies could add value to their plans and achieve their goals. It’s very rewarding and I work hard to establish trust and keep promises.
I’ve worked in and owned a number of businesses. No two businesses are the same but I use my personal experience to better relate to my clients needs and discover what unique issues they may face.


Kristine - Cleaning Company Avondale

Krea implemented ServiceM8 efficiently and accurately.

Toni - Nga Hau e Wha O Te Kohanga Reo O

Krea implemented Xero and liaised with the appropriate stakeholders. We currently have a support package in place to ensure our Kaiwhakahaere and whanau understand.

Israel - Powerwash Ltd Pukekohe

"Krea assisted with our costs so we could identify the margins on our service delivery. We required the margins to be implemented into ServiceM8."


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