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Why choose KREA?

Community is a core understanding of how KREA does family. Not for Profit organisations is a great platform to extend the vision to partner with government, funders and partnership to fulfil your purpose.

The Charities Act 2005 says the key functions of Charities Services include:

  • deciding on whether to accept an application for registration
  • monitoring annual returns submitted by registered charities
  • reporting and making recommendations to Government about charitable sector matters
  • promoting public trust and confidence in the charitable sector
  • encouraging the effective use of charitable resources
  • educating charities about matters of good governance and management
  • stimulating and promoting research about the charitable sector.

KREA ensures that your structure and rules are being followed, while processing your day to day transactions, keeping legislation at the forefront of your Not for Profit organisations.

WE Make every dollar count!

How we make every dollar count!

We understand the importance of what Not for Profit Organisations and Charities make to our economy within Aotearoa. If your entity is a Tier 3 or a Tier 4 PBE, you will have to present a statement of service performance in your performance report to help users understand what your entity is seeking to achieve in terms of its impact on society (outcomes) and the goods or services that it delivered during the year.

All registered charities must complete annual reporting to Charities Services. This includes filling out an annual return and attaching financial statements. We can help you file your return and provide a monthly advisory and virtual CFO service in conjunction with your CEO.

What we offer!

What we offer

Equipping Not for Profit organisations with financial system implementation, training, bookkeeping and financial statement return filing. Krea Group Limited is an accounting firm based in Franklin and covering the wider Auckland and Waikato region, offering a wide range of accounting and business services.  We are an independent firm committed to delivering a comprehensive, efficient and cost effective service to our clients. Our purpose is Empowering YOU with YOUR numbers to change your world, by making one good decision at a time. We partner with your CEO to ensure that your financials are processed and filed accord to the charities services.

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