How Waitohu logo design Aotearoa works!

Waitohu is to mark, symbol, brand, logo, signature, motif, sign.

Waitohu logo design Aotearoa, is a service we offer our clients to create a logo brand that distinctively represents a company's product or service that represents for Aotearoa (New Zealand) businesses that want a flare of Te Ao Māori.

You may ask what an accountant may know about designing a logo. Well Leah Donaldson, our Director is passionate about creativity and keeping it at the center of business.

We started Waitohu to satisfy our creative side and help our clients to get great branding at an affordable price and connect with their vision from the beginning.

Our left side of the brain is responsible for controlling the right side of the body and the logic, systems and process and the right hemisphere coordinates the left side of the body, and performs tasks that have to do with creativity and the arts. We believe that the balance of both logic and creative in an environment helps people to understand their business better and we aim to partner with our clients to create clarity and enable our team to understand the vision, mission and values to achieve your long term goals.

Once we have the overall picture we are able to implement the financial system to support your structure, budget, tax plan and training. Give us a call 0800 650 017 to discuss your branding requirements. 


Our Pathway to creating your Waitohu logo design Aotearoa!







What Waitohu logo design Aotearoa Offer!

Our WAITOHU Logo design package within Aotearoa includes the following

  • WAITOHU Design Package New Zealand - 500 x 500 px with dark and light versions providing a PNG and JPG format of each
  • Brand Kit - TE TIKANGA Outlines the meaning of the Waitohu AND ITS CREATION
  • Business cards - PDF print format of front and back of business cards
  • Facebook header - We provide 1 FB header in PNG format
  • Email footer - we provide 1 EM footer in a PNG format

The package above for $550.00 plus GST, will allow you to chose 2 designs and provide 2 design changes throughout the design conceptual phase. The changes will include colour changes, USP changes and TOHU restructuring were possible. See our WAITOHU PORTFOLIO


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