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Keep track of all the moving parts and manage your resources, time, costs and profitability on every job. 


Turn time into money with WorkflowMax online employee time tracking software.


By integrating with Xero you'll enjoy everything you need to maximise your business performance.


Track your leads, proposals and sales pipeline from one place.


Our powerful job costing software helps you understand where profit is made.


Estimating software for fast, accurate and professional quotes.

Welcome to KREA

Our trusted advisors look at the entire business and map out a system and process to implement custom to you and your business, empowering you and your staff to take control of your business. Every business is different, from the owners to the staff, from industry to the market, business is ever evolving. KREA is interested in the whole journey, so we set aside 45 minutes for a FREE consultation, so we make sense to understand where you came from, to where you are now and how you see your future. This is the discovery process, it is how we uncover gems and add value by providing a seamless system implementation  that best suits you and your business. 

Software System Implementation Service

We enquire into every area of your business ensuring we find all pathways to include into our road mapping process. 

With 20 proven years as an entrepreneur, we ensure your current system implementation and processes provide a timely efficient and profitable application process. We will overview your current accounting system and recommend a tailored solution for your business. We provide a professional plan, with a timeline showing clear expectations . We aim for a seamless implementation, low disruption, integrating with your current day to day system.

Our System Implementation Plans range from $500 - 5000K depending on what solution and how many solutions we are implementing. We believe implementing the right financial tools in the beginning will empower your business to focus on where you are going to achieve your financial goals.

How we can make your business operate smarter.

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