What is C.O.I.N Training


C.O.I.N training modules are provided by KREA, offering a range of session times through webinar or 1 on 1 virtual training, providing knowledge and understanding of what is required to comply as a New Zealand small business Tax citizen. We are not the average accountant, and our C.O.I.N training Modules will help you to gain financial confidence and understanding to maintain the day to day maintenance of your Xero Accounting File.

  • Understanding creates confidence
  • Processing information creates outcome
  • Learning creates Insight
  • Connecting, learning, processing and understanding creates Net profit
  • C.O.I.N is created! 

Essential Xero features

Time to learn about the features you'll use regularly in Xero, and see how they make managing small business finances easier than ever.

What we offer

1 to 1 Training


The aim of our 1 to 1 training is for the client to gain confidence in operating their Xero accounting file. We cover from the beginning, clear learning outcomes according to the area the client requires. The Session is minimum of 1.5 hours and can cover one of these topics. C.O.I.N Training is $180.00 including GST + processing fee.

  • Xero training for beginners
  • Xero set up and conversion
  • Xero bookkeeping and GST
  • Xero creating a budget
  • Xero creating a cashflow forecast

Please complete our registration form and make payment. Once we have received payment we will schedule a time best suited for both parties. We can train onsite, however a mileage fee is added to the cost.


We understand that information and understanding of financial system and processes helps connect the strategic plan to achieve goals. Our Webinars are FREE to our clients and come with information that will assist to improve confidence, outcomes, insights and Net Profit.
(Terms and conditions apply to FREE)


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