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The Art of Money 

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Changing your thinking to financial Success

Financial Success

Financial Success can be described as many things for different people. Financial success is all about balance, perspective, knowledge, values, and how you define what is most important to your happiness. For others, the idea of financial success means “less”; as in, less debt, less stress, less possessions, less complications. Whether you consider yourself a “more” or “less” person, it’s all perspective and the level of energy you are willing to invest in order to live aligned with your values.

We believe at KREA setting financial goals gives you a clear direction in achieving your goals or a guide as to how you are tracking. Goal setting sets you up for success. Without goals you will lack focus and direction. Goal setting also allows you to take control of your businesses direction and measure and track your timeline to success. To accomplish your goals, you need to know how to set them. Careful consideration is a process of goal setting that will help achieve your goals. We have put together steps to help you formulate your goals.

1. Set goals that MOTIVATE you!

- Motivation is key to achieving your goals. Set goals that reflect the priorities of you and your business. Limit your goals so that you can be intentional with your time to achieving your goals setting you up for success.

2. Set SMART goals!

- SMART stands for Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timebound. Request a copy of our template by emailing We have full details outlining how to complete the SMART goal setting.

3. Set goals with a visual outlook!

- This can be done in a writing document format or a creative visual board. This is the physical act that makes it real and come alive within you. REGISTER FOR OUR VISION BOARD SETTING WORKSHOP.

4. Make an action plan!

- Action plans are small lists of tasks that you need to complete to achieve your goal.

1. Identify tasks that you need to complete you goal.

2. Analyse and delegate tasks.

3. Double check with SCHEMES

- SCHEMES stands for - Space, Cash, Helpers/People, Equipment, Materials, Expertise and Systems.

- Once you have completed your plan, keep it handy to update and make changes.

You are more likely to be successful if you have a process that aligns your goals with the steps necessary to arrive. There are multiple factors that you cannot control, such as interest rates, economic cycles, stock market reactions and world events. Determine what you need ‘more of and what you need “less” of. Create a process to support your dreams and live more fully in the moment with less stress.


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