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We catch up virtually or face to face as your preferred bookkeeper New Zealand and listen to what is working and what is not. We will also see if we are a good fit for one another

Analysis your Accounts

We will take a quick look at your numbers and see where we can provide and recommend our best bookkeeper new zealand services that suit your business.

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Building Stronger Business Together will require clear expectations with a verbal quote by our bookkeeper new zealand services team.

Engagement letter

We will send you an engagement letter on a month to month basis from our bookkeeper new zealand team. 

The success starts

We will start actioning our commitment to you to help achieve your goals by our bookkeeper New Zealand team.

Our Advisory Services

Integrated Profit & Loss, Cashflow and Balance Sheet Forecast
A 12 month projection of your complete financial statements, showing your profit, tax, cashflow and Balance Sheet to provide a benchmark against which to compare actual performance.

Share and Business Valuations
Establishing the market value of the business or shares to give you peace of mind.

Comparing the results of your business with those of comparable businesses in your industry.

Due Diligence Projects
Investigating a business you’re considering investing in to ensure that you’re aware of all risks and that the information presented is accurate, and identifying your likely level of return on investment.

Advisory Board
Facilitating a meeting of a group of your customers to gather feedback on service levels and provide you with recommendations as to how to improve your service. 

Shadow Director / Advisory Director Service
Attending regular Director meetings and providing advice and assistance to implement best practice across your entire business.

Monthly Dashboard Report
Reporting your actual results against projected results for the most important metrics for your business.

Tax Review
Reviewing your structure to ensure maximum asset protection and incidental tax benefits.

Finance Structure Review
Reviewing your current debt and equity levels and providing recommendations to minimise risk, maximise asset protection, and provide incidental tax benefits.

Business, Company and Trust Structure Review
Reviewing your existing structure and providing recommendations to maximise your asset protection and provide incidental tax benefits.

Annual Trust Review
Meeting with you annually to ensure that your Trust not only complies with all relevant legislation but that it provides you with optimal asset protection and incidental tax benefits.

Management Meetings
Meeting regularly to track your actual results against your targets and provide recommendations to minimise risk and optimise growth.

Buying and Selling a Business Advice
Ensuring you’re aware of the risks and returns associated with such a major transaction and so that assets are protected and all incidental tax benefits are realized.

Product Costing Analysis
Determining the true cost of producing your various products to ensure you’re pricing correctly and achieving your desired margin and return.

Feasibility Studies
Investigating the viability of a project after taking into consideration all opportunities and risks.

Estate Planning
Ensuring your outcomes can be achieved from an accounting and tax perspective in the most efficient manner.

Strategic Planning
A 2-3 day retreat to develop your Strategic Plan for the next 5-10 years, including your Core Purpose, Core Values, your Vision, brand promises, and how you will achieve your long term goals. 

Capital Expenditure Planning and Financing
Working with you to ensure that your investments in assets will not adversely affect your working cashflow and that they’re optimized for asset protection and tax planning purposes.

Charitable Trusts
Assisting with setting up a Trust and ensuring it is used in the most effective way to reach your charitable goals.

Tenders and Proposals
Assisting you to put together tenders or proposals for new work or investments.

Acquisitions and Mergers
Reviewing your goals and objectives, performing due diligence, preparing financial forecasts, advising on potential pitfalls and rewards involved in a merger, assisting with purchase negotiations, advising on financing, and assisting with preparing a Business Plan.

Business Structuring
Compiling management reports; performing a costing and pricing analysis; assessing the health and performance of the business; providing administrative systems advice; assisting with change management; advising on processes; assisting with technology implementation, strategy development and business planning; and advising on operational improvements.

Future Planning
Identifying and analyzing market and business growth opportunities; assisting with strategic and operational planning, forecasting and cash management; advising on capital expenditure decisions; providing business coaching, mentoring, governance, and leadership guidance.

Risk Management Assessment
Business and environmental risk assessments, Succession Planning, Trust formation, insurance requirements, and ACC portfolio management.

Financing and Debt Advice

Advising on funding options and negotiations with lenders, lease versus buy decisions, capital versus debt financing.

Company liquidations, receiverships, and rescue appraisals.

If I don't make the necessary changes the business will be impacted and my profit will drop!


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